Located in HK, we are a global garment supply chain and manufacturer that delivers professional services in design, research and development, production and sales.

Since its establishment, Charlotte Group Ltd.  has committed to expanding both upstream and downstream of the apparel supply chain, pursuing high function supply chain integration, fusing the newest technology , and exceling in brand value while maintaining the best cost performance. From raw material procurement to design, development , production, and logistics  of the actual garments, Charlotte Group Ltd.  has worked relentlessly to ensure the utmost service and product quality. Finally, to the last stages of distribution and sales, we ensure to support customer along the entirety of the supply chain and deliver a complete and highly efficient process with products ranging from men's, women's, casual wear and underwear.

Our company takes pride on its professional team of industry experts and a complete service process with the newest technology in production equipment. We adhere closely to rigorous industry standards both domestically and internationally, and have strict control over the production process, operation management and product quality. Our team is made up of top domestic and foreign fashion designers, apparel industry experts who can guide and assist with planning and designing new ranges and collections, ensure smooth process of manufacturing and delivering of our products to all markets no matter the country.  So far, we have seen immense success in countries such as the United States, Germany, Canada, Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Singapore, Brunei, just to name a few. The export volume is in the forefront of the industry, and the product quality has been recognized and marveled by customers.

Our international sales office is in Hong Kong (Charlotte Group) with manufacturing setups in Foshan (Foshan Qianmo Garment Limited) and Yulin (Yulin Yunshang Garment Limited); both exceling in high volume production of over 10 million garments annually and integrating the most advanced technologies to allow the smoothest and most precise production.

  • 10000000+
    Annual production of clothing
  • 200+
    Number of authorized patents
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    Production Base
  • 18individual
    Exporting countries

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