Supply chain

Our business

We are creating a global supply chain As a global clothing supply chain provider, CHARLOTTE GROUP Apparel has a high degree of flexibility and scalability, which is unique in the clothing industry. Every year, millions of products pass through our supply chain, from fabric sourcing and development with our fabric mill partners, all the way down to delivering the finished garment to the doors of brands and retailers. The reason for this beginning to end service is for the better of our customers, so they can entrust us with the design, quality and price of their products.

We are creating the supply chain of the future

With the rise of e-commerce and online shopping, the retail industry is undergoing tremendous changes and subversion, which has led to changes in traditional supply chain management. As a response, CHARLOTTE GROUP Apparel is building a digital supply chain with innovative services and modernization to help our customers and suppliers integrate smoothly into the digital economy. The digital global supply chain provides us with data insights and analysis to make business decisions faster and more intelligently.

Relationship with brands and retailers

We provide customers with the flexibility to choose from a variety of different business models (including models for agents, importers, wholesalers and retailers) within the supply chain. This unique methodology allows us to work with any type of customer, from luxury brands to large supermarkets, whether they are selling online, offline or through other channels. From clothing, daily necessities, home furnishings, to accessories and footwear, we provide an extensive variety of products to improve the lives and experiences of consumers around the world.

Relationship with suppliers

We cooperate with renowned, global suppliers and focus on supplier integration, so that they can better manage their factories, improve efficiency and support our suppliers to improve the working environment and working conditions of the factories to meet the ever-changing apparel industry, thereby helping Workers and all industry participants seek benefits. Our suppliers are located all over the world, allowing us to flexibly transfer production across markets, balance production capacity and better meet customer needs.

Our business structure

CHARLOTTE GROUP's business structure is designed to meet the ever changing needs of customers across Europe, America, Asia and other regions. Supply chain solutions While we integrate core procurement services within our own process, we have also gone beyond the traditional role of procurement agents and created a collaborative digital platform for all our supply chain partners, connecting our customers and suppliers like never done before. By providing a set of digital solutions, we can create the supply chain of the future, providing speed, innovation and profitability.

Logistics solutions

We are a holistic logistics service provider for our garment products. Through domestic logistics and global freight management, we have a complete logistics process that enables the finished product to reach the final consumer. Our extensive knowledge and networks throughout the global supply chain and retail industry give us a unique advantage in creating long-term community solutions for our customers. We analyze the needs of each customer, predict challenges, design logistics solutions to suit each customer, providing high-quality and efficient logistics solutions.