Supply chain

Supply chain solutions

Our supply chain solutions aim to help customers through the expansion and integration of the upstream and downstream of the apparel supply chain, increasing speed and efficiency, improving profits and innovation in the global supply chain.

We have broken the traditional procurement model and provided a series of solutions for factories and other suppliers to help them cope with the complexity of the supply chain and accelerate the creation of sustainable supply chain solutions.


Our highly professional and efficient design team is here to support our customers’ brands with the freedom to design the latest trending pieces with an extremely speedy turn around time. This is supported by our two modern production bases in Foshan and Yulin with high-speed and large-scale production capabilities and a well oiled logistics system to deliver goods on a timely and efficient fashion.


Through our advanced, top of the industry collaboration platform, over 1000s of suppliers and customers have visibility and communication amongst each other to reduce unnecessary layers to ensure the most efficient and elaborate supply chain network. We use dynamic costing tools to enable business-led merchandising, linking design decisions with business results. Scenario-based analysis, forecasting and real-time cost estimation help speed up decision-making, improve accuracy and match orders with suitable factories. We have also developed an enhanced capacity management tool to improve the factory’s production process, so that our suppliers can benefit from increased operational efficiency and productivity.


With a strong supply chain system with suppliers, our production platform (including digital order tracking system and quality resource optimization tools) enables us to better connect with many suppliers in more than 40 production markets around the world. Provide our customers with expertise and timely insights, and allow us to work with suppliers and factories in real time to reduce levels and make faster decisions.


Our goal is to increase the speed unprecedentedly, to help our customers reduce production lead time and speed up the time from design to actual product ready to sell. This means making decisions closer to the time to market, allowing retailer to respond quickly to trends, improve inventory control and reduce price cuts, all of which can drastically increase profitability. We strive to achieve a faster product cycle, reducing the industry average by 90%, from 40 weeks to 4 weeks.