Human resources

Talent concept

Charlotte Group ltd.  looks for long-term busines development. We focus on strategic goals and development directions by broadenig the vision of our talents and focusing on the improvement of employee capabilities and knowledge. We realize the importance of human resources and the value of talent. We also continue to invest resources to discover and groom future talents, and realize the long-term benefits of recruiting the help of industry professionals.

  • Establish a long-term mechanism for talent introduction and cultivation; build a platform for employee growth and development

    Strengthen the training of staff and provide a broad development space for the growth of talents. Improve the training mechanism by drawing up detailed training plans formulated by human resource experts and use this formula for long term fool proof employee training and development.

  • Provide employees with room for growth and stimulate their enthusiasm for work

    Insist on appointing people based on their merits, applying them according to their talents, and have the appropriate positions to reflect their capabilities. Boldly use employees who have the drive and accomplishments regardless of their education or previous experiences. We strive for fairness and openness with zero tolerance for discrimination and prejudice. All employees are well informed of the possibilities and are encouraged to voice their opinions and strive for their desired positions.

  • Provide good remuneration packages to protect employees' labor rights

    The company signs "collective contracts" and "wage collective negotiation contracts" with labor unions in accordance with national law, and implements labor insurance in accordance with policies to form equal and cooperative relationship with employees and ensure the labor rights of employees are effectively and fully protected. The company has established a reasonable and standardized salary management system to ensure that the salary can fully reflect the labor value of its employees. We realize the mutual benefit and utmost importance of having fair contracts for the enterprise and its employees.