Five trends of future development of garment industry


Nowadays, scientific and technological innovation is profoundly changing people's way of life, and the development of "clothing", which ranks first in "clothing, food, housing and transportation", must also adapt to or even lead the changes brought by scientific and technological development. As an important carrier of social, economic and cultural development, clothing is also the main embodiment of fashion innovation elements. At present, scientific and technological innovation plays a more prominent role in the development of clothing industry. The future development blueprint of clothing industry will be deeply affected by scientific and technological innovation.

As the representative of traditional manufacturing industry, clothing has been developing along the track of traditional production mode. The development of clothing industry has been restricted by the factors of intensive labor force, high-intensity operation and low production efficiency. With the continuous progress of clothing technology, more and more applications of intelligent software and automatic clothing equipment will solve the development problems of the clothing industry and continuously help enterprises to achieve high production efficiency. The innovation of new software, new technology and new clothing equipment provides a strong technical guarantee for the great development of the clothing industry.

Digitization is the production mode of clothing in the future

The use of mechanical equipment for flow shop is the mainstream production mode of the clothing industry. Facing the problems of recruitment, cost and efficiency, the clothing industry enterprises must arm themselves with the help of clothing technology, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, and accelerate the transformation of production mode.

With the in-depth research and development of clothing technology and equipment, more and more high-efficiency, automatic and humanized clothing equipment has replaced the application of traditional clothing equipment. For example, intelligent cloth drawing and computer cutting machine have changed the manual cloth drawing and cutting operation mode, and the efficiency has been improved rapidly; The application of special sewing equipment has changed the production efficiency of the workshop; The development of surrounding scientific and technological clothing equipment; The rapid development of embroidery, printing and home textile equipment is also changing the status quo of the garment industry?? However, these equipment have high technical requirements for employees, different process requirements are different, operation efficiency is not synchronous and other factors seriously restrict the process of workshop production efficiency. Now the application of new technology clothing template solves this problem. Clothing template combines clothing technology and clothing template technology. By setting different template types and changing the process operation mode, the production efficiency is improved, the technical requirements of workers are reduced, and the standardization, flow and modernization of workshop production are promoted.

In the future, clothing production will move towards the digital era. Intelligent software, automatic machinery and clothing equipment, new technology, new material applications, such as 3D technology, robot operation, automation technology applications and a whole set of streamlined, modern and digital solutions will serve. The production mode in the digital era will subvert the tradition and promote the great development of the clothing industry.

Intellectualization is the way of fashion design in the future

The garment application software has changed the operation mode of the design and technical departments of the garment industry. The traditional manual operation has been transformed into computer digital and intelligent operation. The two-dimensional style design software has changed the hand-painted design mode. The three-dimensional style will subvert the traditional mode of the whole garment industry along the development mode of design, sample preparation, fitting and show. With the popularization and application of garment CAD and process sheet, the operation efficiency of the technical room has been improved. The design, layout, layout, process sheet and template management of the template are completed by intelligent software, and the high efficiency operation is completed by combining the input and output automatic garment equipment.

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