million people united as one man! Charlotte Group Ltd. &Kinlim donated 2 million yuan of medical materials to the epidemic area to fully support the epidemic relief!


The news of pneumonia cases in China always affects the hearts of every Chinese. Faced with the huge pressure of the medical system and the severe challenge of the emergency of public medical supplies, all the staff of Charlotte Group Ltd. &Kinlim are also extremely worried. As a well-known enterprise in the whole clothing industry chain, it is duty bound to make a modest contribution to fully support the epidemic prevention and control work! Since the outbreak of the New Coronavirus outbreak, Charlotte Group Ltd. &Kinlim has been linked to the government of Haizhuqu District for the first time, and has donated 2 million yuan of medical supplies urgently to support the epidemic prevention and control measures in Hubei.

As it is the Spring Festival holiday, material procurement and transportation deployment are facing great challenges. Under the leadership of general manager Lin, Charlotte Group Ltd. &Kinlim garment's relevant staff work overtime to respond positively. Only in order to deliver the epidemic prevention materials as soon as possible, I hope Hubei and other compatriots who are fighting at the front line of the epidemic area can return to peace and well-being as soon as possible. In addition, Charlotte Group Ltd. &Kinlim is well aware of the social mission of "doing a good job in self-protection, not adding burden to the society", actively responding to the call of the government, participating in epidemic prevention and control cooperation, and undertaking the social responsibility of large national enterprises. Therefore, the enterprise has made full preparations for returning to work after the festival in advance, and resolutely cooperated to win the Sniper War of epidemic prevention and control! On the one hand, it has done a full and detailed safety protection education and knowledge popularization work for the front-line staff. All employees wear masks in strict accordance with the regulations, and measure their body temperature regularly when going to and from work, so as to monitor the health status of internal employees in real time; On the other hand, Charlotte Group Ltd. &Kinlim has been equipped with sufficient thermometer, mask, disinfectant and other necessary anti epidemic protective equipment in the company, so as to be safe; Charlotte Group Ltd. &Kinlim has always practiced the self responsibility of national brands, spared no effort to help the motherland in times of crisis, and joined hands with the people of the whole country to fight this special epidemic with high-quality products and services!