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Charlotte Group Ltd.  responsive H5 website launched

Let me tell you a piece of good news: Charlotte Group Ltd.  Web 3.0 is officially on the stage! This means that Charlotte Group Ltd.  has entered a new era of responsive website!

[Charlotte Group Ltd. Web 3.0 highlights broadcast]

The traditional website does not intelligently adjust the display content according to the size of different browsers and devices, resulting in the incomplete display of the same website content when using browsers with different page sizes. Charlotte Group Ltd.  Web 3.0 adopts the most advanced HTML 5 technology, so that our website can adjust the page layout at any time according to the user's display resolution in the user's browser to ensure the integrity of the website display. In addition, this function of Charlotte Group Ltd.  Web3.0 truly realizes cross terminal and cross browser. No matter what kind of device and browser you use, you can enjoy the smooth browsing experience brought by Web 3.0!

Hope the company website can bring you a comfortable and easy to use experience!